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Farmacosmo is a wonderful Italian company, born from the experience of my family in the world of e-commerce. Every time I bump into the websites of our competitors (but we like to call them 'colleagues') I read: market leader in Italy.

I’ve always wondered about what the parameters our colleagues use to define themselves as market leaders are. Probably, we are not. Or rather, in a very objective way, it is not for us to say so. Certainly the authority of an online store is measured by its reliability, speed of delivery, product range, economic convenience, but above all by the quality of customer service in pre-sale, sale and after-sale processes. So if these are the parameters to identify a market leader then we can define just so!

Every day we focus on identifying our customer requirements, on ensuring high standards, on becoming a reliable reference point in every situation. Customer reviews on our site are our report card and the parameter we consider to improve our performance each day. Thank you for the time you devoted to learning more about us.

Fabio de Concilio - Founder and CEO of Farmacosmo.it

Farmacosmo, a person behind every click

We chose to publish the face of all the people daily work with love and dedication. Here are ours!

Francesco de Concilio


Fulvio Bartoli


Marco Piccolo